Company info VH Pharma

Company info VH Pharma

Contract manufacturing VH Pharma

Contract manufacturing VH Pharma

Our products VH Pharma

Our products VH Pharma

Laboratory VH Pharma

Laboratory VH Pharma

Product launching trh VH Pharma

Product launching VH Pharma

Terms and Conditions VH Pharma

Terms and Conditions VH Pharma

Contact VH Pharma

Contact VH Pharma

Smluvní výroba VH PharmaCompany info

VH Pharma a.s. is an original Czech company operating since 2008.

We specialize in the production of not only our own, but also contract products.

Our portfolio includes medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements.

If you decide for us, we offer you, in addition to the production itself, also cooperation in the field of product development, registration documentation and possibly a clinical trial.

Quality assurance during the production process and the release of the finished product is a matter of course.

Our production facilities are equipped with modern technologies. All technological procedures used in production are in accordance with GMP regulations and the quality management system.

ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 a ČSN EN ISO 13485 ed.2:2016.

O společnosti VH Pharma a. s.

Smluvní výroba VH PharmaContract manufacturing

If we become your partner for production, we can either work according to the specified product specification and realize only complete production or is possible our active cooperation in a product formulation, including packaging designs in terms of graphics and materials.

All this according to the target group of patients, the expected effect and especially your idea.

Kompletní řešení VH Pharma


ico sipka Draft of product specification

ico sipkaProduct development incl. production of test samples

ico sipkaDraft of primary and secondary packaging

ico sipkaGraphic solution of primary and secondary packaging

Vyráběné formy VH Pharma


ico sipkaCream, ointment

ico sipkaGel

ico sipkaOil

ico sipkaCapsules

ico sipkaLoose forms

ico sipkaSolutions, syrups

Možnosti adjustace VH Pharma


ico sipkaCapsule’s filling

ico sipkaBlister packs

ico sipkaTube’s filling – plastic or aluminum tubes (3 g – 250 g)

ico sipkaFilling into vials and bottles from volume of 10 ml unlimited

ico sipkaFilling into bowls (all forms - loose, cream, gel, etc.)

ico sipkaSecondary packaging

ico sipkaGroup packaging

Within the framework of contract manufacturing, we are able to adapt to the production requirements of the client.

Smluvní výroba VH PharmaOur products

Our main domain is unique line of patented medical devices to support the healing of acute and chronic wounds, as well as cosmetics for further skin care for both children and adults.

Hemagel NEW
Hemagel Procto

HemaGel, HemaGel PROCTO, HemaGel NEW

chci vědět více



chci vědět více



chci vědět více

Laboratoř VP Pharma

Laboratoř VH PharmaLaboratory

The laboratory of VH Pharma works in the GMP regime and works in the field of quality control of pharmaceutical substances.


ico sipkaCooperation in the development of new products

ico sipkaAnalyzes of intermediates, cosmetics, medical devices, food supplements, according to customer specifications

ico sipkaHPLC, IR, UV analyzes, KF water determination, melting point, viscosity with a rotary viscometer, routine laboratory tests

Uvedení na trh VH PharmaProduct launching

We will be happy to cooperate with you or we will arrange a complete launch of a medical device, cosmetics or food supplement.


ico sipkaProvision and preparation of documentation necessary for registration

ico sipkaCommunication with authorities

ico sipkaSupport during product launching

Uvedení na trh VH Pharma

Contact VH PharmaContact

Company headquarters:

VH Pharma a.s.

Jakubská 647/2
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

Production facility Rokycany:

VH Pharma a.s.

Arbesova 797/III
337 01 Rokycany
Czech Republic

Production facility Stříbro:

VH Pharma a.s.

Tovární 510
349 01 Stříbro
Czech Republic

Phone number:

+420 377 429 448

IN: 280 89 529, company registered in the Commercial Register, file number: B 17224 held at the Municipal Court in Prague.